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First independent label for a safe and secure tourism

The COVID-FREE label

COVID-FREE is the first independent label for professionals in the restaurant, hotel and tourism industries committed to securing your leisure activities.


COVID-FREE gives the ability for everyone to alert managers to irregularities or unsafe behavior. Visitors, employees, suppliers will have access to a secure direct link to the COVID-FREE referent by private message.

Free to express themselves without risking defamation, they will receive a personalized response and will be happy to be involved in the health and safety of all.

COVID-FREE, your guarantee !


Customer guarantee

The guarantee of being in a safe environment, according to current knowledge


Employee guarantee

The guarantee for employees to work in a safe environment


Entrepreneur guarantee

The guarantee for business leaders to show that they are responsible by applying good practices

Why choose COVID-FREE ?

Secure your customers

The majority of your customers will all have been marked by lockdown. The most vulnerable will need to be reassured about their health and safety when visiting your establishment, whether professionally or personally. Their first concern will be their HEALTH before value for money.

Responsible business leader

Managers are in charge of the safety of their employees under the law and have an obligation of means to secure the workplace. COVID-FREE label is the beginning of proof of your commitment to protect as a site manager.

The COVID-FREE Label in no way clears the manager of his responsibility.

Applicable field expertise

All our team members have field experience and aim only to offer you economically viable solutions that are both qualitative and compatible with the activity of welcoming visitors and employees.


Securing your Business

Securing your business is an essential and compulsory step for reopening in good conditions and ensuring the sustainability of your activity.

A sustainable approach

Securing your activity will last long after the lockdown period and beyond the reopening of International borders. The sensitivity and expectations of your customers will be permanently changed.

Financial help for supporting your COVID-FREE approach

You can contact your tourist office, your municipality (ski stations, seaside resorts, etc.) or your region. These actors are intended to support you in your efforts. Their marketing actions, particularly focus on international customers (workshops, fairs) would be redeployed to support you and restore the confidence of your customers. These budgets should therefore be available to finance your COVID-FREE approach.

Is there any risk with the COVID-FREE approach?

No communication will be posted on your establishment if you do not manage to go through with the full-process. You have no risk of disappointing your customers. The approach is supported and voluntarily accessible with choices that are both effective and economically realistic. As soon as your label is obtained, you will have the right to communicate with the COVID-FREE logo and your establishment will be listed on

You and your whole team will be COVID-FREE ambassadors!

COVID-FREE establishments undertake to communicate with their teams, their customers, their suppliers, as well as with local or national media on their COVID-FREE labelling.

How COVID-FREE is promoted ?

COVID-FREE corresponds to a collective approach based on the active involvement of labeled establishments, their customers, their employees and their suppliers. It is therefore a viral marketing approach resulting from the implementation of the website, a COVID-FREE LinkedIn page with regular posts, the direct approach of the COVID-FREE’s regional ambassadors, press releases and the use of any advertising space provided to us free of charge, but above all the commercial and marketing procedures carried out by COVID-FREE establishments, both with professionals and the public.


Secure your staff

Your teams in this uncertain climate will need to be reassured about their personal safety at work. COVID-FREE alert function is the key for maintaining procedures.

A qualitative approach

COVID-FREE is a qualitative and committing approach, involving customers, employees and business owners. The implemented measures will be differentiating your assets compared to your competitors and a tool for modernizing your procedures with your customers and your employees.

Limited costs

The COVID-FREE approach is above all a question of organization, awareness, training and communication. It represents a limited investment in equipment. The cost of labelling is optimized to allow a maximum of establishments to engage in the process at a time when cash flow issues are essential.

Return on investment

Your commitment to the COVID-FREE approach will allow you to regain the confidence of your employees and especially your customers. Optimization of your procedures will help you improve hygiene, marketing and occupancy. Your expenses and your operations will also be optimized (reduction of work stoppages, elimination of non-essential services that are not compatible with safety, etc.)

Labelling financing

Get in touch with your bank, many countries offer to support you thanks to loans with a public guarantee. France guarantees your 1-year loan up to 90 %.

When to start a COVID-FREE approach?

If your establishment is closed or in reduced activity, now is the best time to prepare for the reopening or redeveloping your activity. The earlier you get started, the faster you will be able to communicate with your customers about your commitment to a COVID-FREE approach. COVID-FREE will allow you to highlight the quality of your equipment and your service rather than discounting prices.

Why a label and not a certification?

The standard is the prerogative of public authorities and certification the validation of their application.
A label is by definition a private initiative whose legitimacy comes from the seriousness of its publisher and the conditions of its attribution or its withdrawal.

COVID-FREE is a reference label for several reasons:

1/ It was established by a group of professionals, pharmacists, doctors, lawyers, communicators, hoteliers, restaurateurs and managers of voluntary tourist sites as part of a rigorous and independent intellectual approach.

2/ It was developed on the rigorous analysis of the customer, employee and supplier experiences as recommended by the last 2020-regulation and the typology of risk identified to date.

3/ It is awarded after a complete diagnosis of the proceesses and training provided by a person trained and approved by COVID-FREE, then completed by an incognito on-site audit carried out every 6 months (apart from private accommodation such as bed and breakfast and rental of apartments or houses).

4/ It is granted by COVID-FREE which undertakes to have no capital link with the labeled establishments. Its independence of judgment is guaranteed by payment upstream of the process.

5/ The COVID-FREE label is maintained or suspended thanks to real-time monitoring of messages sent in the COVID-FREE online ALERT system and the responses provided by COVID-FREE referrers. The strength of this tool stems from the very principle of collective vigilance both for the maintenance of the organization set up and for the respect of the rules of common life defined with experience and in a sustainable manner.

6/ The COVID-FREE label is already adopted by several hundred establishments in France and abroad who have signed up for this approach and joined by local authorities bringing together all the players in destination. Their number is updated weekly on the ALERT page and their name is indicated on this site as soon as the label is obtained.


Who are the COVID-FREE ambassadors?


Classic Restaurant


Local shops




Rooms to let

Bed & Breakfasts

Flats for rent





Amusement parks



Local Auth.

Tourist offices



Sports centres

Congress centres